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Transnational Issues

Disputes – International

The Albanian Government calls for the protection of the rights of ethnic Albanians in neighbouring countries, and the peaceful resolution of interethnic disputes. Some ethnic Albanian groups in neighbouring countries advocate for a "greater Albania", but the idea has little appeal among Albanian nationals. The mass emigration of unemployed Albanians remains a problem for developed countries, chiefly Greece and Italy.

Trafficking in Persons

Albania is a source country for women and girls trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labour. However, it is no longer considered a major country of transit. Albanian victims are trafficked to Greece, Italy, Macedonia and Kosovo, with many trafficked onward to Western European countries. Children were also trafficked to Greece for begging and other forms of child labour. Approximately half of all Albanian trafficking victims are under age 18; internal sex trafficking of women and children is on the rise. The government did not appropriately identify trafficking victims during 2007, and has not demonstrated that it is vigorously investigating or prosecuting complicit officials.

Illicit Drugs

Albania has been an increasingly active transshipment point for Southwest Asian opiates, hashish and cannabis transiting the Balkan route and – to a lesser extent – cocaine from South America destined for Western Europe. There is a growing cannabis production in the country. Ethnic Albanian narcotrafficking organisations are active and expanding in Europe. The country is also vulnerable to money laundering associated with regional trafficking in narcotics, arms, contraband and illegal aliens.





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