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Albania Immigration Information Work Permit

The procedure for entry, stay, travel and employment of foreigners in the Republic of Albania is established in Law No. 8492, dated 05/27/1999 “On foreign citizens”. Foreign citizens may enter the territory of Albania with or without a visa (depending on nationality). All foreign citizens whose stay in Albania exceeds 20 days must fill out a form at the closest police station.

Albanian visas vary from 3 to 12-month. All foreigners have the right to apply for permanent residence after 5 years.

Non-Albanian citizens who work less 3 month in Albania do not need permission from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Those who wish to work in Albania for over three months need a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs decides on the standard form of the work permits, procedures for acquiring, renewal and refusal of the work permit, and the documents that need to be submitted.

The application forms can be obtained in the Migration Department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, in Albanian embassies and consulates abroad, and in the regional labour offices. The issuing or refusal of the work permit takes up to 30 days from the day of the submission of the documentation to the relevant body.

Eight different types of work permit are issued to foreigners who work in Albania. Restricted permits (for reduced hours, for specific geographical areas) are issued to students and to other workers in their initial work period. Self-employed persons, persons who employ at least two Albanian citizens for every foreign one, and persons who have held a restricted work permit for at least three years can receive permits without geographical restrictions or restrictions as to type of work. The initial validity of the permit is usually for one year but it can be extended for up to five years. Persons who have worked in Albania for five years may apply for a permanent permit.

The process of acquiring and extending a work permit is fairly straightforward and takes no more than a month.





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